SHEBAD presents


Show Us It's Real

Vibrant and alive, the multidimensional entity SHEBAD releases their five song debut EP show us it’s real.

“This is the manifestation of Mark and I's life force energy.” Says co-lead and voice Claire Voy, “A first demonstration of who we are as musicians and beings, and a true introduction to what SHEBAD has to offer.”

After the success of their form bending single Terra, its home EP is here. Hitting over 230 000 streams globally, Terra has found itself on multiple radio stations including CBC, and NPR’s L.A based KCWR; opening the doorway to performance opportunities across Ontario and BC, sharing the stage with Juno award winning artists such as Dear Rouge, JESSIA and Snotty Nose Rez Kidz.

“show us it’s real is a call out to the universe.” Says co-lead and multi-instrumentalist Mark Spagnolo “All we can do as conduits of music is receive and release.”

With roots in Alternative Jazz, Neo-Soul and Psychedelic R&B, the recordings were home produced and recorded by Claire and Mark with instrumental appearances by their live coparties Toby Binder (Drums), Nathan Klassen (Sax/Trumpet), Shawn Fisher (Violin) and Simon Pequignat (Guitar). The EP exists in a sonic world of its own.

“We’re just vessels for something bigger. It feels like we’re here to summon an idea or experience that can only live through music. The music speaks for itself” notes Claire.

For Claire, the drive to produce visual art is equally compelling to that which informs the duo’s music creation. All of the cover art for SHEBAD’s subsequent releases, show us it’s real included, have been created by Claire through a combination of photographic, digital, and painted techniques.

“Music is an open landscape for so many other forms of art to live in and around. I’m fascinated by the way they interact with each other to form worlds of their own, worlds that create themselves from the textures of emotion, colour, sound, and feeling. I spend a lot of time in worlds that other artists and musicians have created, whether it's for adventure or understanding or love. It’s exciting to know we’re creating a world of our own for people to visit and discover for themselves.”

Their live performances of the EP have accrued a cult following in Guelph, selling out over 170 tickets for their EP release celebration. The five-piece band consists of Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys/Synth and Horns.

"The process of creating the five tracks on show us its real has deepened our love for life’s journeys in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Open yourself and enjoy."

Wavy Background

track 1

Open Yourself

track 2


track 3


track 4


track 5

familiar thing in you


Open Yourself - - - written by Claire Wright, Mark Spagnolo and Tobias Binder, composed, arranged, and produced by Claire Wright and Mark Spagnolo

Morphing - - - written by Mark Spagnolo, Claire Wright and Tobias Binder, composed, arranged, and produced by Claire Wright and Mark Spagnolo

Terra - - - written, composed, arranged, and produced by Mark Spagnolo and Claire Wright

Cumulo - - - written and produced by Claire Wright and Mark Spagnolo, composed and arranged by Claire Wright, Mark Spagnolo and Shawn Fisher

familiar thing in you - - - written by Claire Wright, composed, arranged, and produced by Claire Wright and Mark Spagnolo


Claire Voy (@clairev0y) : Vocals (1-5), Synthesizer (1-5) Percussion (1)

Mark Spagnolo (@markspag): Bass (1-5) Synthesizer (1-4) Percussion (3, 4) Guitar (3) Piano (3, 4)

Tobias Binder (@customsbytobias): Drums (1-4)

Nathan Klassen (@nathanklassen7): Sax (1, 2) Trumpet (1,4)

Shawn Fisher (@shawnfishermusic): Violin (4)

Simon Pequegnat (@simonpeq): Guitar (2)

Jack Sanders (@jasawave): Secondary mix

Justin Wainberg (@crownmastering): Mastering

Photography by Nik Valkova (@gardenofenvy)

Cover Art by Claire Voy

Spotify Canvases by Mark Spagnolo and Brennan Munshaw (@brennan.munshaw)

Web Design by Wizard (@wizard.collective)

All songs recorded and produced at home in Guelph, ON

Special thank you to:

Emil White, Maya Bishop, Jon Chung, Wizard, Callum Sheedy, Zoey Ross, Mei Lein Harrison, Brennan Munshaw, Eve Powers, Nik Valkova, Heyden Reay, Steven Wright, Leks Despinic, Geet Sidhu, Miki Tamblyn, (Ili, Chiara and Val of) ‘The Normal People’ collective, Guelph Outdoor School, CLRBOX studio

And a huge extension of gratitude to everyone who has attended our shows, shared the stage, invited us into creative spaces, listened, shared, and opened their hearts to our music. We couldn’t have done this without your support and love.

Thank you. THANK you.

Claire, Mark, and SHEBAD